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We had a tradition of family doctor, which is almost non-existence now. The family doctor (FD) was the first one whom we went to, whatever be the medical complaint. He or she was a General Practitioner in Medicine and the family doctor after examination would send you to a Specialist if necessary. More importantly, the FD had full knowledge of your and your family’s medical history. In effect, the FD was your family’s medical Guru in whom you had the faith and trust. He was defacto a family member, who was revered.

No longer is that true. There could be so many reasons for this state of affairs, but the comfort that you derived from a FD is no longer available. We either run to a Polyclinic or go to a doctor based on recommendation from friends or relatives without even getting any diagnosis done for our ailment. With Internet flooding us with information, we become our own doctor and follow a course of treatment that we interpret from the Internet. If polyclinics are not available, we run to the hospitals and that is one of the reasons as to why our hospitals – even super specialty hospitals are crowded to the core. The doctors in the host they have hospitals are so busy with their in and out patients that they hardly have time for every patient. It is a rare sight to see doctors using the stethoscope but dependent on test reports of all kind, many of which many not even be necessary to diagnose your malady. Conversation between a patient and a doctor, which is so necessary, does not happen as the Doctor has no time and there are a large number of patients waiting to see the doctor. Not a happy situation at all – both for the patient and the doctor.

Ideally, you need a FD to speak to give a patient hearing and examine you, keep records, suggest tests, get the test reports, diagnose the malady, explain to you what the problem is or could be, treat you if he or she can or send you to a concerned specialist doctor, keep track of the course of treatment suggested, monitor where necessary, speak to the Specialist if necessary, maintain your health record and ensure that you follow the course of treatment suggested and get back to normal health as early possible.

What the FD does is that he fills the void between the specialist and you and, gives you a patient hearing and nurtures you back to normal health. Can you get such a FD today? If you do get or have such a Family Doctor, you are indeed a lucky or blessed man or woman.

With longevity of life and access to variety of specialized health care facilities, your needs will only increase and more importantly you need to reduce the cost of medical treatment and health care.

Welcome Covai’s Polycare from the stables of CovaiCare, the pioneers in senior living and care. Covai’s Polycare is designed to be your Family Doctor with a Polyclinic and basic lab facilities, run by a professional management who will provide you with a quality of personalized diagnostic and health care treatment with an unmatched passion and commitment in the filed of health care.

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