Covai’s PolyCare

  • As a concept, Family Doctors of yesteryears are almost extinct. Covai’s PolyCare is a professional healthcare centre that provides a wide range of personalised and professional medical services to the patients who are members of the PolyCare.
    Manned by General Practioners (GPs) and well-trained professionals, Covai’s PolyCare spread over 8,000 Sq.ft in CovaiCare Towers, would provide effective and efficient monitoring system so that the patients get quality healthcare at affordable cost with medical history maintained for any future use.
  • Covai’s PolyCare would be your Family Doctor – always available for dependable healthcare service to your family and to you.

Benefits of Covai’s PolyCare

  • We are your Family Doctors. Your Health status becomes our responsibility to monitor
  • Professional and personalised affordable health care helps you save money
  • Home delivery of medicines once a month free of charge and at 15% discount
  • Monitoring your medicine intake and remind you for reorder
  • Your Health Record is available in one place to be used when necessary. Assured data confidentiality through in-house server
  • GPs rationalize your medication and check multiple prescription, change medicines if one medicine is reacting with other and in consultation with the Consulting Doctor, prescribe correct medicine
  • Avail lab facilities through Covai’s PolyCare Centre and get 10% discount
  • Access to excellent Physiotherapy & Dental Care – both Orthodontist and Prosthodontist. Computerised Radiography
  • Experienced consultants in multiple disciplines
  • Availability of Alternate medicine like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Hypno Therapy etc
  • Tie-ups with major hospitals in Coimbatore like GKNM, Ramakrishna, PSG etc & help you in case of hospital admissions
  • Availability of your medical history throughout your life for use at any time
  • Doctor on Call for home visit (will be available soon)
  • Access to Ambulance 24X7 or assist you to get an ambulance at the earliest at your residence, informing your doctor about the emergency, warn concerned hospital, transfer your medical history to the hospital

Your Health is Our Concern. Your Care is our Duty.
Become a Member of Covai’s PolyCare & get Health Care at Affordable Cost.

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