Remember the days when you left your child in a crèche and on return from work brought him or her back home? Time flies! You now take care your grand children. But during the day, your children go to work and, grand children to school or college. They are all busy in the daytime.

Why get bored at home watching TV serials?

Come and spend your daytime usefully in Covai’s Day Care Centre

What do I get at Covi’s Day Care Centre?


  • Doctors at your service from Covai’s PolyCare
  • Caregivers for those needing their help
  • Get looked after by dedicated Manager and staff
  • Wanting to rest – 20 clean beds are available choose any!
  • Hot vegetarian lunch served and get pampered
  • Get picked up from home in the morning and dropped back in the evening

Access PolyCare’s Expert Doctors

  • Easy access to some of the best medical minds for advice and guidance on any medical condition


  • Read books or browse through news papers and periodicals
  • Listen to talks, watch TV or Movies
  • Play indoor games including Chess, Carom, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Table Tennis

Active Life:

  • A meeting place at Covai’s Sangamam – Sing, gossip, laugh and be merry with others of your age
  • Relish hot cuppa or coffee (Iyer’s kaapi from Goa!)
  • Celebrate birthdays!