To provide quality healthcare with a view to achieve patient satisfaction as provided by a family doctor through the medium of Polyclinic and, in so doing, ensure cost effective care based on the diagnosis provided by the doctors in the PolyCare centre and where necessary, refer patient to specialist doctors in hospitals or private clinics for treatment and also maintain medical history for use whenever necessary in the life-time of the patient.


  • Create and implement the concept of PolyCare successfully with a view to provide quality health care at affordable cost to all memers of Covai’s PolyCare.
  • Provide professional care and set benchmark for customer satisfaction through effective delivery of services and care.
  • Constantly enhance Customer Satisfaction through committed services, keeping in mind the core values of the Company and ethics
  • Ensure Customer Expectation through Employee Satisfaction by constant motivation, training, good working environment and conern for dignity of labour, so that the employees provide service with smile at all times
  • Create new standards by constantly updating on technological improvements taking place in the world; adopt new techniques and evaluate the needs of patients
  • Create systems and processes for effective management of Covai’s PolyCare with a view to create multiple PolyCare Centres across India and be the leaders in this field of endeavour as part of CovaiCare
  • A Strong Believer of Ethical Business Practices with Zero Tolerance
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